No Packages
No Upsells
No Top-ups
No Products For Sale
No Waiting Time of More Than 4min 59s

Asian Beauty X Clients Exclusive Full Service Facials @ $150 nett (U.P. $200)


No Packages
No Upsells
No Top-ups
No Products For Sale
No Waiting Time of More Than 4min 59s

Asian Beauty X Clients Exclusive Full Service Facials @ $150 nett (U.P. $200)

Our Big Promise and 5 Nos

At Kosme Aesthetics, we hate packages. The constant upselling and pushy sales consultants make it impossible for clients to truly relax. We've swapped expensive packages and products for a clear and fair pricing model.
All our treatments are $200 and you'll never pay more than $200. The end. This is our promise to you.

No Packages

Ever bought a 10 session package only to purposely miss your last 3 appointments because you know the sales consultant is going to sell you something? Yeah, we hate it too

No Upsells

"For your dry skin, I recommend this facial instead that costs $100 more" Since all our treatments are priced the same, there's no way this will happen at Kosme Aesthetics

No Top-Ups

We can imagine your shock when you realised your $38 trial facial doesn't include extraction/mask/ampoule. Don't worry, our facials are full service- EVERYTHING is included

No Products For Sale

Don't you hate it when you buy stupid
shit just to shut the sales consultant
up? We believe there are better
places to buy skin products like
Sephora, which is where we'll refer
you to if you ask for recommendations

No waiting of more than 4min 59secs

Because we value your time, we promise that your treatment won't start later than 4min and 59secs after your designated appointment time.

Why are we doing this?

Because the aesthetics industry is broken & our new business model solves that.

  • We make it possible for people to have facials and excellent skin without getting cheated.
  • We align incentives between clients, therapists, and business owners.
  • It’s possible to have an ethical aesthetics business that doesn’t hard-sell.

Our Salon And Owners Have Been Featured:

Kosme Aesthetics Full Service Facials

Kosme Aesthetics Whitening Treatment is the product of extensive research and testing dozen different products.

Each step has been meticulously thought out to help you achieve clear and radiant skin. We use a mix of modern technology along with well-studied, scientifically proven superstar ingredients. This results in safe and effective treatments that help you meet your skin goals.

We provide facials for these skin goals:

  • Whitening/Pigmentation Facial
  • Anti-Ageing (PDRN) Facial
  • Hydrating Facial
  • Soothing Facial
  • Anti-Acne Facial (Chemical Peel)

Kosme's Secret To Radiant And Clear Skin

Sourcing the best products and technology, we've created specialised facial treatments based on these principles: safety, effectiveness, and scientifically proven.

Skin Analysis Machine:

  • Analyses your skin's surface and inner skin's issues
  • Accurately determines your skin type in only 60 secs

Machine Extraction:

  • Less force needed compared to traditional extraction
  • Lower chances of scarring

Specialised Ingredients For Each Skin Goal:

  • Whitening/Pigmentation: Niacinamide + Licorice Root Extract
  • Anti-Ageing: Salmon DNA
  • Hydrating: AHA + BHA
  • Soothing Facial: Hyaluronic Acid
  • Anti-Acne Facial: Lactic Acid

What $150 gets you:

At Kosme Aesthetics, we only provide full 75mins facials. No surprise top-ups, add ons, purchase of ampoule etc. Everything is included.

Kosme Aesthetics Full-Service Facial process:

  • Face Analysis Machine to pick the right treatment for you
  • Double cleanse
  • Enzyme peel
  • Extraction
  • Choice of specialised treatment
  • Dedicated ampoule
  • Face mask
  • Aftercare (toner, moisturiser, sunblock)

The catch: This special price is only for clients of Asian Beauty X who have not had a treatment with us in 1 year because we want to make it easy for you to achieve your skin goals. (U.P. $200)

The truth about the beauty industry

You've probably seen those ads: "$38 for first trial!!" "2 treatments for $111" "87% off your first treatment" etc

And you might have thought: "Wow so cheap! But seems too good to be true....."

That's because it is.

How these companies make money is, they'll draw you in with cheap deals then hard sell you a $1000 package.

But the horror doesn't end there, once you do buy the package, you may realise it's impossible to make an appointment.

Or the standard drops. It's almost as if they don't want you the return.

The truth: they don't want you to return. Because each treatment they do for you, they're losing money.

Or, each time you visit, you're constantly forced to top-up for a "better" machine, "better" mask, "better" ampoule etc.

Doesn't sound like fun right?

The beauty industry in Singapore is broken. It's no longer fun or even pleasant to visit a salon due to these cheap tricks.

At Kosme Aesthetics, we want to make aesthetics great again. For clients to actually look forward to receiving their treatments, to lie down, close their eyes, and relax. Because they don't have to worry about taking out their wallet.

This is why we've structured our business around the 5 no's:

1. No packages

2. No upsells

3. No top-ups

4. No products for sale

5. No waiting time of more than 4mins 59s

All of our treatments are fixed at $200 ($150 now for Asian Beauty X Clients) nett and we promise that you'll never have to pay more than $200. The end.

If this sounds good to you, book a stress-free appointment by clicking on the button below.

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Written and researched by our Managing Director, Trisha Lim

Our Accolades

What our clients say

Thousands of happy clients are glad they chose our services.

"Staffs are very gentle and meticulous to your skin’s needs, they’ll only recommend services/packages that will truly benefit your skin. They make you feel very welcomed and make sure you you’re comfortable  and ok at every step of the procedure. Definitely will recommend to friends and family!"

-Puay Tiang

"I loved the ambience where the treatment was ongoing. Very relaxing. Loved the therapist as there is no hard selling, and very professional. No awkward small talks in between session (some therapists can be super chatty, quite annoying when u just want to relax hahaha)"

- Jenny

"First visited after seeing an ad on Facebook, and have returned for sessions for the past year. My skin has improved and I appreciate the treatments and constant advice made by the staff after monitoring my skin."

- Si Ning

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277 Orchard Rd, 238858

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